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Valve Spring Compressor Kit Comes Shrink Wrapped with Three Different Spring Cups, a Valve Spring Compressor, an Aluminum Handle, and all the Fasteners needed to Attach the Spring Cups as Shown Below.

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Part #9030 - Push Rod & Wrist Pin Checking Tool PRICE $329.99

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This Push Rod and Wrist Pin Checking Tool is designed to check the run out and straightness of both Push Rods and Wrist Pins of all sizes. This tool will accept push rods up to 13” long overall length and is adjustable to fit any length shorter than 13”.

This Kit comes complete with complete billet fixture, Dial Indicator, Wrist Pin V Blocks, 2 each 5/16” Cup Ends, 3/8” Cup Ends, 1 each 5/16” Ball End, and 3/8” Ball End. This allows all makes and models of Push Rods including Hemi engines, weather they are ball or cup type ends to fit into the fixture. The push rod stand is spring loaded for easy and quick push rod installation and checking. The dial indicator will flip up out of the way to make it easy to check wrist pins.
All billet aluminum parts are clear anodized for easy maintenance.


BAE Fat Head Spring Pressure Tool

BAE Fat Head Spring Pressure Tool
Part #9055 - PRICE $ 289.99

This tool checks spring seat pressure with the heads on the motor and rockers and shafts installed. Can check spring seat pressure up to 500 pounds. made of billet aluminum for strength and durability. Tools are anodized for easier maintenance.

Spring Pressure Tool comes with Billet Aluminum Handle, all the Fasteners, BAE Fat Head Rocker Stand Hook and the Retainer Cup. Also comes with 500 lbs. pressure gauge.

Part #9040 - Clutch Disc Surfacing Tool
PRICE $ 249.99

This tool makes it easy to surface clutch discs after a pass. The handles double as sturdy foot holds to help hold the base in place while sanding.


Tool also has a fully machined Clutch Disc Driver that you insert into any ½" drive electric drill and insert into the Clutch Disc and spin it on the sandpaper on the base.

This Clutch Surfacing Tool comes complete with Aluminum Base, a Sanding Disc & a Billet Clutch disc driver for a ½" drill.

Clutch Disc Surfacing Tool