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Chevrolet Engines Accessory Bracket Kits


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Hemi or 440 Chrysler Engines Accessory Bracket Kits


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Accessory PARTS for Bracket Kits




All bracket kits are cnc machined out of 6061 billet aluminum. The billet parts are sanded to a 320 finish and receives either a hand brushed finish for the Non Polished Kits or a high luster buffing for the Polished Kits.

The billet parts are extensively cleaned and clear ceramic coated for easier maintenance.

Billet Connection's Bracket Kits come with all the Brackets, Spacers, Bolts, Washers, and Nuts you will need to mount the engine accessories with any major fabrication. Our kits also come with easy to follow instructions to make installation easy.


Designed for Big Engines in Small Engine Compartments!

Below is a 540 cubic inch all aluminum Hemi installed with Billet Connection's Alternator and Air Conditioning Bracket Kit and with our Power Steering Bracket Kit

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Note how our Bracket Kits are engineered to fit tight and low against the motor. The reason we take so much effort to mount all the accessories close to the crank pulleys is because on high rpm engines the longer the belt length the more stretch and backlash is produced, which causes belt slippage or even problems throwing the belt at high rpms.

Billet Connection believes that it looks better not to have your accessories sitting on top of your engine when you pop the hood on your engine to show it off.

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