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Located in Spokane, Washington
Owned and Operated by: MIKE COFINI and JESSICA JUEL

Billet Connection is a CNC Machine Shop. We specialize in Billet Aluminum. We also do a lot of custom work including Part Design, CAD Drawings, CNC Programing, Prototyping, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Aluminum Finishing, and also Packaging. This means that if you have an IDEA for a part or want to redesign a part already out there or even producE a part for less cost than your paying now. Billet Connection can do this from concept to a finished shrink wrapped, ready for sale.


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Our experience is from building High Performance and Racing Engines for 28 years. And have been racing for just as long. We have Drag Raced mostly in the Blown Alcohol Dragster Class but have produced motors and parts for all types of applications. Mike has ran fuel injection in all of his race cars and we are specialists in developing operating fuel injection systems. We have a lot of new Fuel and Injection System Parts that we are in the process of applying for patents on and should be released soon. So keep checking out the Website because we are producing New and Innovative products all the time!

Thanks For Visiting our Web Site check back often! We are always developing New and Unique Parts & Tools!! Contact us with any questions or comments @ MIKE@BILLETCONNECTION.COM